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Motriz Marketing was officially founded by Dennis Miedema in January of 2012, although it’s been doing online marketing in general (and SEO in particular) behind the scenes for various clients and for the exploitation of its own websites in various markets since June 2008. In January 2012, Dennis thought it was the right time to go from privately doing online marketing for clients to doing it publicly.

Motriz Marketing is an online marketing agency which specializes in SEO (search engine optimization), creating infographics, and promoting infographics.

Where Did the “Motriz” in Motriz Marketing Come From?

It comes from the Spanish phrase “fuerza motriz”, which roughly translates into movement or change, force of movement or force of progress. That’s exactly what Motriz Marketing is trying to be in the online marketing industry: a force of progress and change.

Our Vision

We’re striving to make a difference in the world in general and in the online marketing world in particular by doing three specific and unique things:

1) We keep it real: we use a no-nonsense, no BS style of communication. We don’t beat around the bush and we don’t tell you what you want to hear. We tell you what you NEED to hear 110% of the time. All the time. We feel brutal honesty saves everyone money, time, energy, and lots of frustration in an online marketing world filled with get rich quick schemes and techniques/tactics that have been completely taken out of context (because they don’t work in and of themselves but as part of an overarching set of strategies). We feel it’s about freaking time business owners, website owners, and marketers stop worrying about techniques so darn much and start worrying about strategies, the bird’s eye view, and the mindset behind it all. We feel the WHY is more important than the HOW.

2) We always focus on the scalability of whatever online marketing channel and whatever online marketing activities a company/website is using. You see, a lot of what your average website/company is doing online just isn’t scalable: they send some Tweets out today, get some links tomorrow, but there’s no overarching strategy. It’s too random, it’s wishy washy stuff. It’s crap. No one seems to be asking the question “what needs to be done, why, and how many times to get the best ROI?” so we’ve started asking that question. Because if we don’t, then a lot of websites will keep achieving results that aren’t sustainable and/or achieving results over a longer period of time than is necessary because highly inefficient techniques are being treated as equals of scalable strategies.

3) We’re rugged individualists: when everybody in a market is looking at what’s being done today, we’re trying to develop scenarios for the future and help businesses prepare for them before they happen. And we make a point of disproving best practices, because we believe in the principle of always be testing (everything can be improved) and, therefore, there are no best practices but only good practices which can become even better. We’re ourselves and stay true to our contrarian nature and both qualities let us go one step further than everyone else wants, dares or can go.

Our Mission

Our mission has two objectives.

Our first objective is to go back to the basics. Screw the latest hype. If it doesn’t help you create scalable strategies for driving more and better traffic to your website, converting more and more of that traffic into leads, and converting more and more of those leads into sales… and doing that consistently… who cares?

We want to create efficient, repeatable, and profitable processes for companies and websites that do online marketing; repeatable processes which will help them achieve massive and consistent results.

Our second objective is to go back to the humans. Sure, “big data” is here and it’s important that a company makes objective and not subjective decisions. However, who pays for your product or service at the end of the day? Percentages don’t. Search engines don’t either. People do. In a world filled with information and data, lots of companies seem to be forgetting that they should optimize their activities for people first and other things later. It’s our mission to help companies develop and optimize a consumer-centric online marketing approach, because it’ll be a win for them AND a win for their B2C and/or B2B customers.

Our Products

We’re working on an amazing project at the moment. Code name: “Project Mountain Top”. It’s a top secret project as of yet, but no worries because more info is coming soon!

Contact us now to find out what we can do for you.

To More Traffic, More Conversions, And More Business,

The Motriz Marketing Team

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