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The Motriz Marketing Blog Series offer you an in-depth look at a certain aspect or theme of online marketing through a series of blog posts. Check out all the Blog Series we’ve made right here, on this very page!

Being the internet marketing junkies that we are, we always have a lot to say about different forms of online marketing. Sometimes so much so it’s worth it to look at a specific topic from all freaking angles to get to the bottom of it, to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, you know?

And that’s why we came up with Blog Series: a series of articles with each one looking at a different element of the topic we’re exploring. Check out all the Blog Series we’ve made up until this point below. Read ‘em and weep at the sight of such beauty!

#1: Niche Specific Search Engine Techniques – Niche SEO 101

Whoever said SEO is a “one size fits all” marketing channel where the same search engine techniques can be used over, and over, and over… was dead wrong. You see, some niches are ideal for image SEO (example: fashion) while others should do anything BUT image SEO (example: a doctor displaying pictures of nasty diseases). Some niches are ideal for local SEO and others really aren’t, and so on and so forth.

This Blog Series explores multiple niches of the online world to try and uncover which specific search engine techniques will work best for which niche.

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#2: The Future of SEO Explored In-Depth

What if Facebook became a search engine? What if search engines treat a social media profile as if it’s a website? What will most likely happen in the near future of SEO (next year) if we look at what happened this year?

These questions (and many others) is what our Motriz Marketing Blog series about the future of SEO attempts to answer. We highly recommend you check out this Series, because most people who are doing search engine optimization for their website(s) only focus on the present. So, when you start being more futuristic and prepare for all the what if’s you can think of, then it’s very likely you will have already seized an opportunity months or even years before your present minded competitors even know it exists!

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That’s all folks! These are all the Blog Series we’ve created so far. We really hope you’ve enjoyed them because we’ve put a lot of effort into making them.

Be sure to come back to this page in the future, because you never know what we’ll make a Blog Series about next… and because we regularly add more articles to already existing Blog Series.

To More Traffic, More Conversions, And More Business,

The Motriz Marketing Team

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