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The Future of SEO Explored In-Depth

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What will the future of SEO bring us? And how should you prepare to make sure your organic traffic doesn’t disappear overnight? That’s the million dollar question we asked ourselves when we started writing the articles for this Motriz Marketing Blog Series.

The articles you’ll find below attempt to answer this question. So, relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride as we get back to the future of SEO and explore it in-depth…

Welcome back to the future of SEO! Read more about it below...

Would A Facebook Search Engine Do Damage?

As it turns out, Facebook search would do a LOT of damage! Instead of talking about how it’ll be hard for Facebook to compete in the Search market, why it shouldn’t do this and that, why it shouldn’t join forces with Yahoo or Bing (Microsoft) and all of that crap, we simply asked the question “What if?”

We looked at a whole bunch of numbers to try and predict how much market share a Facebook search engine would get. Would it dethrone Google? Would it annihilate Bing? The results may shock you…

15 Predictions for SEO in 2013: What’s the Future of SEO?

Instead of looking at all the little tweaks Google might make in 2013, we thought it would be interesting to look at the big picture. We looked at the developments in multiple areas of SEO (i.e. social SEO, video SEO, local SEO, mobile SEO, etc.) of the past year and then tried to predict the near future of SEO.

Some topics we’ve explored to make our 15 predictions for SEO in 2013 are: will ALL social networks become walled content gardens now Twitter and LinkedIn are taking steps in that direction as well? Is the only reason Google launched Google+ Communities that it wants to monetize its social network and thus wants people to spend as much time in the Google ecosystem as possible? Will YouTube tweak its search algorithm even more, thereby making video SEO much harder to do than before?

You can read more about all of this and many other things, inside our blog post about the near future of SEO.

Staying Ahead of the Social SEO Game

You know, being mindful of the future is about more than looking at what might happen 1, 2 or 5 years from now. It’s also about looking around you, looking at your current situation and what your competitors are doing, and asking “what if?” again.

Doing that might not lead you to meaningful experiments right away, but you’d better believe that all the SEO experiments you’ll do after asking that question will show you what does work OR what doesn’t work.

Now, we asked “what if?” in terms of social SEO. We were curious to find out where thinking of a social profile as being a website in and of itself would lead us. What would that mean in terms of internal link architecture? And on-page optimization? And all the other elements of SEO? Click the link above to find out!

Final Thoughts on the Future of SEO

As society changes at a faster and faster pace, search engines follow its lead. That’s why it’s not geeky or super smart to try and stay ahead of Google and “friends”, it’s being prepared. Better said: if you, as a business owner or online marketer, only care about the present? Then you won’t see HUGE problems and MAJOR opportunities coming. Those that are prepared will prevent the coming problems and make the most of opportunities as they arise, which will ultimately lead to them getting more traffic, leads, and sales thanks to SEO than you ever will.

So, smarten up. Start thinking about the future of SEO. Start planning for it.

To More Traffic, More Conversions, And More Business,

The Motriz Marketing Team