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Learn All There is to Know About Bing SEO and Bing PPC

Looking for more relevant, in-depth information on how to make the most of the Bing search engine, whether we're talking about SEO or PPC here? Join the club buddy!

Because although there are tons of good news sources about Google, how to do Google SEO, and how to do Google PPC (AdWords)? There's pretty much a radio silence when it comes to Bing and we think that f-ing sucks. So, in this category of blog posts, we'll try to separate fact from fiction about Bing SEO and Bing PPC. Check out the blog posts below...

We hope you've enjoyed our thoughts on the Bing search engine. Stay tuned to the Motriz Marketing blog for more awesome (and definitely opinionated) articles about Bing and other lesser known areas of SEO and PPC.

And in case you're looking for some SEO ideas for the Google search engine: no problem! Just check out our article with SEO ideas, seventeen of them to be exact, that'll help you become BFF's with Google.

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