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Cheap Infographics

Cheap infographics can be just that: cheap. Sometimes you get what you pay for! But do you need to spend $1000 (or more!) for a killer infographic…indeed not!

What Are Infographics?

Like the name suggests, infographics combine information with graphics. But they’re more than just a few pie charts slapped on a page of Helvetica. Infographics can take pages of complex data and condense them into a single, stunning visual image.

People love statistics and data points, but there’s so much data out there that it’s impossible to find, much less process, the information we need and want.

How Infographics Turn Data Into Masterpieces For The Masses

According to a popular infographic, the amount of information in the world doubles every two years. In 2011 alone, we created and duplicated 1.8 zettabytes of data. While a zettabyte sounds like something you might come home with after a walk in the woods, it’s actually a number. A number almost beyond the imagination.

A zettabyte equals about 1000 exabytes. An exabyte? That’s about 1000 petabytes. A petabyte equals about a million gigabytes.

Unimaginable. Inconceivable. But the infographic in question makes it easy to understand. To create nearly two zettabytes of data, every person in America would need to tweet 4,320 times every day for 26,976 years. In other words: you would need Twitter on steroids… and then some:

The Twitter Zettabyte

A zettabyte’s a big number. And an infographic brought it to life.

Why Does My Business Need Killer Infographics?

You want to connect with your customers, right? Give them what they want! With an infographic, it’s not “Just the facts, ma’am.” You share information about your company or industry in a visually compelling way.

When done well, even a cheap infographic can go viral. When people see it, they’ll share it…leading more people to your site, creating more links to your site, increasing your search engine friendliness, building your brand, and ultimately increasing your sales.

How To Find Cheap Infographics That Rock

In the last two years, the number of people searching for infographics has increased nearly exponentially. So has the number of designers and firms who create them.

Ask these questions when you interview potential designers:

1. What size options do they offer for infographics? Will the infographic they create for you easily fit on every web page?

2. How many revisions do they offer? Like any other content, infographics often need some tweaking. Are revisions included in the cost, or will each tweak raise the price (a hidden cost behind many cheap infographics)?

3. Will they give you tips on how to promote your infographic, increasing the odds that it will go viral?

4. Do they provide customer support (phone, email, or Skype) throughout the development process?

5. Can they provide a portfolio of infographics, and give specific results?

And there you go: now you know what cheap infographics are, what you can use them for, and what you should pay attention to when (hiring people to start) making them.

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