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4 Reasons To Hire An Infographic Design Agency Now!

Why use an infographic design agency, when you can create them yourself with free design tools, or hire an artist to help? With an agency, you get a think tank.

When an infographic is truly awesome, it has the potential to go viral and build your brand in ways you only dreamed of. Infographic marketing is also an inexpensive way to increase your SEO, because people will like them on Facebook and build backlinks to your site.

To create infographics, you need interesting data, plus killer graphics. Not just one or the other. Both.

How do you get both? Hire an infographic design agency…and here are four reasons why you should do it now.

1. Infographics are more than just pretty pictures

They start with interesting data about your company, your industry, your products, or your services. An infographic design agency has a team that can help you identify the best opportunities to put infographics to use for your business, in ways a single designer might not see.

Maybe your company’s new green initiative reduced paper waste by 25% in its first year, and recycled several tons of glass and plastic. Put the brain trust of an infographic design team to work, and they’ll toss ideas back and forth about how to best display these stats…conceptualizing the infographic before an artist even begins the design.

2. A picture’s worth a thousand words…but the words count, too!

The best infographics combine interesting blurbs and statistics, along with visual representations.

Not to knock artists and designers, but getting input from marketing or advertising professionals will strengthen any infographic. These pros know what words will grab the attention of viewers, and boost the message of the graphics.

An infographic agency brings the talents of designers, wordsmiths, and search-engine marketers to the table, and kicks the pants off the sorry efforts of a single artist.

3. If at first you don’t succeed… revise it!

Say you’ve put a lot of effort into making an infographic, working to get the right data in the hands of a designer, and giving him the direction you want him to take.

Then he hands you a glorified pie chart… and it’s not even close to your favorite flavor! How many revisions is he willing to make before he starts asking for more money?

Infographic Design Agency

Look for an infographic design team which provides unlimited revisions, a talented team that can spot areas where an infographic might need improvement.

4. One percent inspiration, 99% perspiration

So what’s the hardest part of creating an infographic? The concept? The design? The review and revisions?

All of the above…and none of the above! There’s still a missing piece behind all successful infographics, and that’s promotion. You have to make sure it gets into a lot of hands, and in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Think an individual designer can do that for you? His job is already done!

You will have to spread the word about your latest work of art yourself via social media and infographic sites, earning it the likes and links you need to give your SEO performance a boost.

To More Traffic, More Conversions, And More Business,

Dennis Miedema
Motriz Marketing

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  • Anonymous

    Hey is it better to buy infographics from an agency that only does infographics or from an agency that does other things besides infographs?

    • Dennis Miedema

      There’s pros and cons that come with both. A specialist infographic design agency (one which only creates infographics) may be able to create much more complex and beautiful infographics than any other firm, for example, but may not be able to do much damage in terms of infographic promotion and/or may not be able to get your message across in quite the same way a marketing agency can. Sometimes success is achieved by deliberately keeping things simple like when you’re explaining your USP, for example.