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Infographic Marketing: Get Backlinks & Likes

In just 2 years, we’ve created 90% of the data since the dawn of time. Most gets slapped up on websites. Using infographic marketing can make data stand out.

Stone Age residents painted pictures on walls of caves to share information with one other. Today, Facebook stores 10,000 times more photos than the Library of Congress does. The Internet is the biggest library in history, and most of its contents are just ordinary pages…some text, a picture here or there, a video or two. Hardly the makings of a page-turner.

On the other hand, marketing with infographics creates bestsellers!

Infographics are the new centerfolds

So how can you entice visitors to your site? By offering information that’s more than just ordinary product descriptions or dull white papers. We’ve all signed up for those free marketing reports that promise to show us how to increase profits by 200% or more. What did we end up with? Rehashed data, and our names on yet another mailing list.

Infographic Marketing: Get Free Backlinks & Likes

Infographics are the new centerfolds. And when marketing with infographics presents interesting or useful data in a visually compelling way, it gets as many eyeballs as a Playmate of the Month.

Marketing with infographics improves SEO

Google and other search engines love infographics used for marketing every bit as much as much as consumers love centerfolds.

A killer infographic engages visitors, no doubt. Infographic marketing also improves SEO/SEM, and helps you get links to your site. When Google sees that a website has a lot of incoming links, the search engine concludes that the site must be popular, and offer high-quality content. It rewards them with higher rankings.

As a result, infographics marketing and link building have become multimillion-dollar industries.

Why pay for links when you can get them for free?

Infographic marketing is the hottest way to tell your story, and get the word out about your products. When visitors see a kick-ass infographic on your site, one that’s funny, or useful, or eye-candy that pops like an Andy Warhol, what do you think they’re going to do?

After they stop laughing, or saying, “Huh…I never knew that,” they’ll head straight to Facebook to share your infographic with all their friends. They’ll tweet a link to it, and let everyone in their Google+ circles know about it.

Using infographics for marketing your products or services will draw people to your pages like scantily clad playmates. We’re so deadened by dull content that when we finally run into something interesting, we shout it from the rooftops.

Put infographics marketing to good use, and you’ll get free backlinks from everyone who shares your infographic.

Other sites will want your marketing infographic, too. They know their boring pages alone won’t draw visitors. After you’ve created an infographic marketing your company or services, post it on your site. Tell anyone they can use it…just as long as they give you credit, and link back to your site.

Or you could pay some guy in Houston thousands of dollars (or more) to create those same almighty backlinks for you

Create an offline campaign, too

Your efforts at marketing with infographics don’t have to stop online. Don’t forget, an awesome infographic looks just as good in print as it does on a screen. Use it in advertisements, or in direct mail campaigns. Make posters of it to hang in your office, or send to your customers (they’ll appreciate it more than that annual calendar with product photos). You can even turn it into skins to cover your company cars.

Creating infographics can generate buzz, build brands, and ultimately boost sales. These tips can help get you started.

Expert infographic design

Like anything, internet marketing using infographics can be done well, or poorly. The so-called “cheap infographics” are, well, cheap. Conveying even the most interesting facts about an industry takes more than a pretty font and a few pictures.

You need a team that can brainstorm with you, design the ultimate infographic, provide unlimited revisions, and help promote your infographic, marketing it so it gets your audience talking… and buying.

To More Traffic, More Conversions, And More Business,

Michael Bartlett
Motriz Marketing

  • Michael Bartlett
    Michael BartlettOnline marketer at Interactive 360, Inc.Michael Bartlett is a Southern search engine optimization genius hailing from Houston, Texas. Whenever he's not tinkering around with keyword density rates of alt image tags and far geekier SEO madness, he enjoys long walks on the beach, pretty girls, and to the death scrabble matches with puny opponents who don't stand a chance against his mighty word formation weaponry.
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  • David

    I like infographics – I think it is a great idea. One problem is so many people are jumping onto this bandwagon – it would not be so bad if there were more original infographics being created but since it takes effort, like anything else, there tends to be the same repeated infographics pushed by many.

    • Dennis Miedema

      David, I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, many people believe in the age old myth of “build it and they will come” when it comes to infographics. Nothing could be further from the truth though: just because you cram a bunch of data, graphs, and pictures into one big image doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an INTERESTING and BUZZWORTHY infographic and people will Tweet, Like, Pin, Digg, Stumble, etc. the crap out of it.

      I just wish people would be more creative and visualize data in funny ways and/or controversial ways and/or unexpected ways by connecting dots that weren’t connected before. Because that’s what infographics should be like… and that’s what makes them go viral.

      • Jessie

        What he said xD boring infographics never go anywhere