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13 Company Killing IM Mistakes And How To Prevent Them

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Are you making one of the 13 killer IM mistakes? Find out now so your company won’t be one of many that never make it past the first 5 years.

Let’s look at a whole bunch of deadly IM mistakes right away, so the American Dream you’ve been chasing online doesn’t turn into a Freddy Krueger nightmare.

The Biggest, Nastiest IM Mistakes

Are you ready to read about the biggest mistakes? Because here we gooooo…

#1: You can get rich quick.

Every “overnight success” has been several years in the making. Look up the story behind any great company or celebrity and you’ll see what I mean…

#2: Knowledge is power.

Yes and no. This is one of the biggest IM mistakes, actually…

Because you learn the most from mistakes… not from DVDs made by guru A and B, the newsletter of guru C or coaching session with guru D.

#3: Achieving success is FUN!

Success is about doing the small things every single day, even when you’re sick, tired, broke, bored or pissed off. Winners never quit and quitters never win: keep going no matter what.

#4: More is better.

Doing 10 things in a very poor way is NOT better than doing 1 thing right. Stick to one traffic source, learn how to make it effective, and only then open up other traffic sources.

#5: Putting out fires while never removing the source of the heat.

If you’re handling business emergencies all the time, something’s wrong. This is another one of those nasty IM mistakes that you’ll regret making. Always be on the look out for the root cause of the problem. Here are some examples:

- Your computer crashes/has a virus on it so all your files are lost
=> quick fix: reinstall Windows (or whatever OS you’re using)
=> root cause: not backing up your files with software in the cloud/on an external hard disk

- The Google Penguin update or some other update cuts your website traffic in half
=> quick fix: let’s see how the update works and fix things!
=> root cause: depending too much on Google for traffic. Do Bing SEO, social media, etc.

We’re Not at the End of the IM Mistake List Yet…

Are you worried about your internet marketing efforts after realizing you’ve made some of the mistakes mentioned so far? Then hold on tight, because before I start talking about what to do about it there are several other IM mistakes you need to know about…

#6: Not respecting the sales funnel

Work on traffic, then leads, then sales. In that order. It makes no sense to work on conversion if your traffic numbers suck. It’s a numbers game.

At the same time, getting traffic for the sake of getting traffic is stupid. Keep the end goal in mind: get the kind of traffic that is most likely to buy. When you’re doing SEO that means you should try to rank for keywords with a buying intention, not keywords that get millions of searches a month.

#7: First systemize, then outsource

Outsourcing a task and then spending hours and hours on explaining it doesn’t make ANY sense. You could have just done it yourself. First record every step of the process and then outsource, so anyone that can read can do it.

#8: Don’t outsource because you can’t do it yourself

This is another HUGE IM mistake. Years ago when I didn’t know shit about SEO I outsourced it, paid some guys in India a total of $3,000, and got no results. If you don’t know how something is done, then how can you tell if someone is ripping you off? You can’t. So, either learn the basics OR ask someone that knows the field to help with interviewing candidates… unless you want to be ripped off for three thousand dollars like I was?

#9: Give up after one try

To be successful in getting sales you need to be persistent. I can remember the day I did a product launch and only sent out 4 emails about it like it was yesterday. Do what’s necessary to make your product or service successful. Quite often you’ll feel like your pushing too much, while the people on the other end barely notice it. Go outside your comfort zone.

#10: Try to please everyone

The ability to say “fuck them” is liberating. If you try to please everyone, then everyone will end up liking you only a little bit and certainly won’t buy from you. If you polarize yourself, then some people will hate you, never buy, and act like you’re the Antichrist… while others will love you and try every single one of your products and services.

#11: Thinking search engines are more important than people

They’re not.

This is another one of those classic IM mistakes: forgetting the fact that people click on the title or meta description in the search results while you scare people away by stuffing titles with 10 different versions of the same freaking keyword…

Forgetting the fact that people need to like your SEO optimized content and take action because of it, so boring and clearly automated content just won’t cut it buddy…

And forgetting the fact that rankings do NOT equal traffic… and that traffic does NOT equal sales

#12: Products rule the world

They don’t. People do. So, don’t just sell your product man. Sell yourself along with it. Don’t just state the facts, but state the emotions it alleviates and creates. People are the cornerstone of your business, so make products for people instead of finding people for your product. Basic rule of marketing, in case you didn’t know… and yet it’s one of the most common IM mistakes.

#13: You can do everything yourself

Vision + strength + passion + resources + powerful tactics + action plan is limited success

Vision + strength + passion + resources + partners + tactics + action plan is unlimited success

How Do You Stop Making These IM Mistakes?

You have to think about the scalability of everything. That’s how you stop making these mistakes that choke your business to death slowly but surely. Think about it:

- You won’t grow a traffic source you only have a budget of a couple months for
- You won’t improve sales numbers if you don’t have enough people (traffic) to test things on
- You won’t make (enough) profit if profit margins are too low because costs are too high

Instead of making tons of IM mistakes without thinking twice about it, it’s all about asking questions like:

What would the costs, income, profit, etc. numbers look like if you sold 1,000 items? And what do you need to systemize/streamline to sell (and deliver) those 1,000 items successfully?

But before you start scaling the entire sales funnel, you need to think back to IM mistake #6 for a second: respect the sales funnel. Work on traffic, then leads, then sales. In that order.

In other words: you need to find a way to get highly interested traffic consistently.

And the best way to scale your traffic is to use a free traffic source. To be a little more specific: you need 1 free traffic source that can very easily be scaled and which can keep on growing for years and years. That traffic source is SEO… search engine optimization.

Once you’ve scaled your traffic generation you can work on lead generation and, finally, on sales generation. Because then the numbers game will work in your favor instead of against you, so, be sure to check out our tips on how to scale your traffic.

You really don’t have to make ANY of the 13 IM mistakes I’ve mentioned today… if only you woke up from your American Dream online and started living in reality. The reality of scaling businesses.

To More Traffic, More Conversions, And More Business,

Dennis Miedema
Motriz Marketing

  • Dennis Miedema
    Dennis MiedemaFounder/owner of Motriz MarketingDennis Miedema started his first ecommerce site in 2008 with no funding, no knowledge, and no skills. He grew it into a successful business, sold it for lots of money, and went on to do consulting for ecommerce companies from all over the world and in many different industries: fashion, nanotechnology, consumer electronics, digital content, software & more.

    Likes: dogs, movies, coffee, video games, self-improvement, and the occasional rant
    Dislikes: flying, thunderstorms, haters, and people who can't/shouldn't drive
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  • Marcus

    “Putting out fires while never removing the source of the heat.”

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve committed this internet marketing sin. Although I’m a lot older and wiser now I must admit that some of the other mistakes you summed up rang a bell, so I guess you’re never too old to learn?

    • Dennis Miedema

      Of course you’re never too old to learn Marcus.

      Hell, I’m willing to bet you that we and others are bound to make the same im mistakes again in the future because there will always be moments in time where one can’t tell the forest from the trees because one forgets what’s truly important.

      • Dennis Miedema

        Hey Monica, thanks for the compliment! I can still remember the first time I had to invest quite a lot of money to improve certain aspects of my first business like it was yesterday, so it’d be happy to chat with you about it! So, although I has now become we, we are available for work :)

        I check my email a whole lot more than my Facebook, so I’ll sent you an email a bit later today (to the address you used to comment). Talk to you soon!



  • Perry

    I decided to give #10 a try and I like what I’m seeing. Used to write cookie cutter content and followed all the content marketing rules, you know, being informative with your articles and teaching people stuff. Then I started writing controversial posts about real estate (market I’m in) and I’ve been getting a lot more newsletter subscriptions ever since. Thanks Dennis. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on your blog from now on

    • Dennis Miedema

      No problem Sir! Glad to add another fan to our fan club or so to speak haha. And maybe I’m fascinated by real estate or maybe I’m just a fan of Trump’s The Apprentice but I’d love to check out some of your controversial posts Perry. Shoot me a PM on Twitter some time. It’s always interesting to see how IM is done in different markets.