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Learn The 4 Rules of SEO for Small Companies

Listen to the media, and you may think that small businesses are doomed. Forget the fiscal cliff! Use SEO for small companies to boost revenue instead.

It’s hard to ignore the doomsday prophets shouting about double-digit tax hikes and massive job layoffs. Every fifth word on the financial news networks is either “fiscal” or “cliff.”

According to the pundits, the world as we know it will end on January 1. As a small business owner, what should your response be? Tearfully bid farewell to the employees who’ve worked for your family’s company for generations? Buy a generator, and stockpile canned peaches and toilet paper?

SEO For Small Companies

No effin’ way! Cliff or no cliff, small businesses like yours are what keep the economy chugging along. They’re the little engines that not only think they can, they know they can. Keep doing what you do best! If you make something, keep making it. If you sell something, keep selling it.

And stop thinking that some day you’ll get around to implementing SEO for your company. That day has arrived.

Rule #1: You can’t afford to wait

Sure there’s economic uncertainty. When isn’t there? The difference between the businesses that grow despite the economy, and those that end up auctioning off their empty desks and file cabinets on eBay is preparation.

Using SEO for a small company, you’ll get that preparation.

Customers find businesses online, and if you haven’t taken the time to do SEO for your business, they won’t find you. Small company SEO is what gets your business found!

Sure, you could hire a guy in a red chicken suit to jump up and down with a sign pointing to your restaurant. You might even get a few new customers to drive in, but you’ll probably just hear the honks of passing cars. And laughter. Your sales will suffer the same humiliation as the poor chicken.

And even if you can find a fool who’ll dance in a chicken costume for minimum wage, guess what? You’re an even bigger idiot, ‘cuz minimum wage five days a week will probably cost you more than search engine optimization in the long run!

Rule #2: You need Google

Forget the zombie apocalypse. Zombies aren’t going to take over the world. Google is.

According to the Google gods, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Google Places (now known as Google+ Local) helps them find what they’re looking for. There are more than 80 million Google+ Local pages worldwide, and it’s time for you to add your company to this growing list.

Registration is free. You don’t need a website, and customers don’t have to leave Google to get information like your company’s phone number, address, and customer reviews.

But you can’t hire a chicken to promote your company on Google. Hire an agency that provides affordable small business SEO services, and they’ll help you outrank your competition.

Rule #3: You need social media

Social media cues now play a big part in how well businesses rank in search engine results. Any campaign that is meant to improve SEO for a small company should incorporate social media marketing.

It’s not enough to create a Facebook page for your business. You need a presence on many social platforms, and you need to actively engage with your customers on all of them. That means regularly adding unique, exciting, and interesting content that people actually want to read or look at. Spamming a thousand shares or likes to your Facebook account does get you a lot of links to your site, yes. However, that doesn’t help you at all. How many sales will that get you? None! Plus, you are dancing with the devil by doing that.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have time for fricking Facebook,” you’re not alone! Businesses that rank well often have an SEO/SEM firm to do the social aspect of SEO for small companies for them.

Rule #4: You need local SEO

Local SEO for small companies is more than just a business listing on Google. It’s an ongoing process that helps companies rank well in search engine results for a specific city.

Say a customer who lives in Atlanta is looking for a Christmas tree. She’ll most likely go to Google, and type something like “Christmas trees Atlanta” or “Atlanta Christmas trees.”

Local search optimization for small businesses helps savvy tree farmers appear on the first page of those search results. Guess who has a merrier Christmas? The farmers who did SEO, that’s who. They’ll be ho-ho-hoing all the way to the bank!

And that’s it. It’s a wrap. I hope you liked my 4 rules of SEO for small companies.

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